The Huff Diary

This is the true story of Huff, an old dog rescued from life in a crate. As told to his new best human friend, Suzanne.

The Fine Art of Barking

Huff explains when one should and should not bark.

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Why don't Humans Ask?

Huff wonders why is it so hard for humans to ask for what they want - for a hug, a snuggle, a snack. He has to guess when his human needs these things so he has decided to guess that she always needs them.

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Huff Adopts a Senior Human

Huff shares the trials and joys of senior adoption.

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Things Huff Hates

Huff shares his least favorite things, including - surprise! - trips to the dentist.

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My Favorite Things by Huff

Huff talks about his favorite things and tries to understand his human.

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