The Huff Diary

This is the true story of Huff, an old dog rescued from life in a crate. As told to his new best human friend, Suzanne.

Storm Safety Huff - Part 3

My human builds a cardboard fort. Then she tries to lure me inside, as if this flimsy thing will protect us from storms.

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Storm Safety Huff - Part 2

I do my best to protect the house from storms while my human is gone. But it doesn’t always go as planned.

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Storm Safety Huff - Part 1

My human is very confusing. She gets all worked up over little things like am I eating enough or shedding too much but ignores big things - like storms.

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Huff Disapproves of Baths

My human is obsessed with bathing. She does it every day. Really? That is crazy. A bi-annual bath is overkill in my estimation.

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eBook vs Print - A Dog's View

Most readers have an opinion on whether print is better than eBook. Huff is not a reader but he has an opinion, of course.

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