The Denim Duo Share Feelings

My five year old granddaughter and I have been playing with this for a while. I created the characters. She approved. We talked about story ideas. I told her we would make a book.

I did the storyboarding, the set creation, photography, editing, etc.  Her job mostly involved asking why it wasn’t done yet.

Trial and Errors

This project was a chance for me to plumb the depths of my photography skills. Guess what? They don’t go very deep.

I can frame a shot. I understand the concept of lighting, which is not the same as being able to properly light a shot and snap it before the earth shifts and the light is wrong again.

I hired a pro to fix my lighting mistakes. Quick and efficient. Reasonably priced.  

Then I needed a cover.  Someone said: “You can Photoshop that.”

No, I can’t.

I tried.

It will take many hours of practice and frankly I don’t have the eye for it. Not to mention my lack of knowledge regarding fonts, hues, and basic design principles.

I hired a cover designer. Quick and efficient. Again, reasonably priced.

Sometimes, you have to admit your weaknesses. Whatever you suck at, someone out there excels at it. Work with them!

The Big Day

The proof copy arrived. 

My granddaughter was excited and proud! Her name was on the inside cover, being credited for her work.  

Bonding over Story

I started this project to open my granddaughter up to the possibilities of a creative life. I wanted her to think of herself as a maker, someone who puts new things into the world.

Most of all, it was a chance for us to bond over story. I hope it does the same for you when you share it with your little ones. 

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