Gratitude Dog Huff

Doctor Huff

This is Suzanne's thank you to Huff for caring for her while she was sick. 

The tables have turned: I got sick.

I spent months nursing Huff through ingrown toenails, intestinal problems, and dental surgery.

Now I am the one who is sick. I am trying to cough up a lung thanks to bronchitis. Maybe walking pneumonia, but I am too stubborn to go to the doctor to pay for a diagnosis.

Huff is surprisingly understanding. He looks at me with compassion when I cough. He comes to comfort me when I finish. Not during - gross!

We spent a lot of time together this week, cuddling. There was not much else I felt like doing. I slept through a lot of movies. I think Huff was relieved that I napped so much. If I am being generous, I would say he was concerned for my health.

But honestly, when I am home, it is an imposition on him. My cleaning and pacing and general noisiness, interfere with his nap time. Not so this week. There was no cleaning or pacing. If my coughing and snoring were loud, it couldn’t be helped. We napped together.

Morning Walks

What surprised me most was our walks. He loves his morning walk. It is his best chance for exercise. The weather is cool enough that he is comfortable. Summer afternoon humidity is too much for him and his fur coat.

Not to mention the likelihood of thunderstorms. He will venture outside to relieve himself. But he looks anxiously at the sky if there is any threat of a storm.  He finishes his business quickly and ducks back indoors.

Our morning walk is his happy time.  He loves the quiet. Mostly what he loves is the cool air and the lack of other dogs. We keep up a brisk pace and enjoy the solitude together. Except not this week. I am not up for a brisk anything.

I feel obligated to take him out and try to walk. But I walk slower and I have cut our walk short every day.

Yet, he seemed to understand. He never tugged on the leash. It is the best behaved he has ever been. He is usually good, but he does require me to occasionally remind him that we are walking together, not racing one another. But this week  he walked politely at my side and didn’t push me to move any faster.

A breakthrough

After a particularly bad coughing spell, I felt the heaviness in my chest dissipate.  Given the amount of fluid I coughed up, it should have. The noise was disgusting. At first I hoped it wasn’t going to be the last sound I heard. Then I stopped caring.

The noise got so bad, that Huff abandoned me and went to sleep in the other room. 

Thanks for the moral support. Okay, I didn't want to be there either.

Maybe rather than a lack of compassion, he had made his own diagnosis. I was cured. Or he was tired of babying me.

Either way, he needed to get some sleep and I was being far too loud .

I woke the next morning exhausted. But I was actually feeling a little better.

Huff cut me no slack on our walk. Really? Either he had run out of compassion or he figured I was cured. The foolishness had gone on long enough. 

It was true though. I am still tired a lot, but I can actually breathe. Walking briskly forces me to use all my lung capacity.

Thank you, Dr. Huff

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