Gratitude Dog Huff

Jack and Jill walk a dog

I saw them walking together. I was in my crate, as always. But sometimes the garage door would be open and I could see outside. I could get a breath of fresh air. Even if I couldn’t stretch my legs and get outside, it was nice to see that outside was still there.  I could hope that maybe someday, I could get outside too.

I watched them each day as they took their walk. One day, they noticed me. They fussed over me a bit. They talked to the humans who owned me.  I don’t know what they talked about. I try to stay out of the humans’ way. But it was nice to be noticed, even if I was still in my crate.

The next time, Jack and Jill brought me treats. I was still in my crate. They talked more to the humans. I was happy to be noticed and to get treats. I hadn’t had treats in a long time.

The next time they came, Jack had a leash.

I was let out!

Not just to potty, but to walk! I was going to walk with Jack and Jill!

I was so excited! But I sat still so they could clip on the leash. I tried to listen and do what they wanted.  It was a nice long walk. I was a bit tired since I hadn’t walked much in a long time, but I didn’t let myself feel the tired. I was so happy to be out of the crate. It felt wonderful to be out again in the air, free to move and stretch my legs. I loved that walk.

Then I went back in my crate.

They came back and we walked again the next day. And the day after that.

I started walking with them a lot.  At the end of our walk, they would give me treats and lots of water to drink. They would pet me and love up on me. Then they would take me back to my owners.

Every evening, I went back into the crate. The garage door closed and the light went out.

Now though, I dreamed of the walks. I got to know what time they would come for me. I would get excited when time got close. Most days they would come. Some days they did not come for me, and that made me sad. I waited, but they wouldn’t come.

Sometimes the garage door would be closed all day and I saw nothing outside.  A few times I heard them talking to each other, but the door was closed and they couldn’t get to me. Those were very sad days. I would bark and bark to let them  know I was there, but the door stayed closed.

Sometimes the weather was cold and I shivered in my crate. But I hoped there would be a walk anyway.  A lot of times they came and we walked. I don’t like the cold, but I loved getting out of the crate.

Rainy days were the worst.  I don’t like storms, and I knew rain meant there would be no walk. 

I was always waiting for the next walk. That was what kept me going. I would dream about the next walk.  I would hope and I would wait.

When I saw them come around the corner, Jack swinging the leash in his hand, I was a happy dog.  I would wag my little bob tail and bark a greeting. I took a treat and sat patiently (which was so, so hard) to get the leash on and off we would go.

But Jack and Jill started to get sad.  They kept me at their house longer each evening after our walk. They petted me even more and I started to worry.  I couldn’t read the for sale sign on the lawn. I didn’t know why they were sad, so I just waited for the next walk.

One day, everything changed.

They brought someone else on the walk. She petted me and she seemed nice enough so when Jill handed her the leash I didn’t mind. We all walked together. We stopped at Jack and Jill’s house as usual.  I drank my water and ate my treats. Jack gave me even more treats. The humans were talking and it sounded intense. But I just enjoyed my time before going back to the crate.

But I didn’t go back!

Jack told me to get in the car. He’d never done that before. I don’t like riding in cars much, but I trusted Jack. So I got in the car.

And I went to my new home. That night.  And she took me in the house, not the garage. Best day ever!

I had a lot to learn, of course. That potty outside thing is apparently a big deal for my human, so once I figured out what she wanted, I was happy to comply. My human had lots to learn too, but we are figuring it out together.

Thanks to Jack and Jill.

I am so grateful to Jack and Jill for taking me out of that crate. For walking me all those evenings. To some people it might not seem like much. It was only a walk. But to me, it meant hope. 

My human is grateful to them too. She says she doesn’t know what she would do without me. And that is true - she really needs a lot of attention and watching!

Big tail wags to Jack and Jill! They saved me. They gave me hope. They kept my brain from falling apart when I was locked up most of the time. Best of all, they found me a new human who takes care of me and lets me sleep inside the house beside her bed.

Oh, you might have guessed Jack and Jill aren’t their real names. They don’t like to share a lot of personal stuff online. But I wanted to share their story because it changed my life.

Huff Philosophy Lesson:

Maybe you have something small you could be doing, but you don’t know if you should bother because it seems so small. Do it. It might grow into something bigger the same way that a walk turned into a new home and new life for me.


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