Gratitude Dog Huff

Aunt Terry

My Aunt Terry really loves me. 

She is mostly a cat person but I can forgive her for that because she brings me treats and presents and tells me how handsome and smart and sweet I am. It’s all true, of course, but it is still nice to hear.

When Aunt Terry brings food,  she brings food for me too. Not just “dog” food.  Real food! 

When they celebrated my human’s birthday, she brought bags and bags of food. It all smelled so good! But unlike most people who ignore the dog, she shared hers with me. Best of all she gave me beef and didn’t try to trick with me veggies. I know the good stuff and Aunt Terry understands that.

Next time she visited, even though it wasn’t her turn to bring food, she still brought some for me. Bacon - real bacon, not that fake dog treat bacon. I love bacon, but my human is not a reliable source of bacon.

I love when Aunt Terry visits. My human seems to think that dog food is good enough for me. It tastes good, but it is not as good as bacon. Oh sure, she shares her food with me sometimes, but Aunt Terry shares all the time

Presents too!

She brings presents too! Ones she makes herself.  

My human has placemats made by Aunt Terry - an excellent place to put those food containers she brings!

She made my  human an afghan to her keep her warm on the couch. Thank goodness! Because of that blanket, my human doesn’t turn the heat up so much. I hate when she does that.  She forgets I am wearing a fur coat. Then I have to get up in her face and pant so she can feel how hot I am.  Takes her a while, but she usually gets the message and turns the heat down.

Even better than bacon!

Aunt Terry even made a present for me. She made an awesome pillow in my human’s favorite colors. My achy bones appreciate a soft cushiony place to lay.

My pillow stays in the living room so I can lay on it while my human pets me or just to be close to her.  I need to keep an eye on her, you know. From my pillow I can see the kitchen so I am ready to help out if my human needs me. Mostly I  like being where I can see what is going on without laying on the hard floor.

I don’t know what is in it, but when I get it adjusted just right and curl up in it, I feel warm and snuggly and loved. It's like a hug from Aunt Terry.

My Aunt Terry is very talented. You can check out her etsy shop to see other things she makes.

I’m sure you will find something for the humans in your life. 

As for me, I am so very grateful that she is one of the humans in my life.

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