Gratitude Dog Huff

The Vet's Office

I admit the vet is not my favorite place to go. I don’t mind it when they just weigh me and pet me and fuss over me. They do that a lot. But what can I say? I am a handsome dog.

I’m not so happy when take me in the back to cut my nails. Or when I get a shot. Or when they look in my ears. Nope, don’t like that at all.

I think my human knows what they plan to do when they take me in the back. Which is why I was so mad her this day. She let them take me. Okay, the cute vet tech said “Let’s go Huff” so I went. But still.

I don’t remember all of it - well hardly any of it. They gave a shot. I got sleepy which I don’t do when other dogs are around. There isn’t much I remember after that.

When they brought me back out to my human, I was a little bit dizzy.  The sidewalk seemed to move all by itself.  When we got home, the stairs were really being silly. My human tried to carry me, but nope. I started up the steps without her. I was still mad at her. I made it up the steps and found a spot on the floor. I laid down but the room was spinning. Fortunately I was too tired to care.

My human gave me a treat. Okay, I know there was a pill inside that yogurt, but whatever. I like yogurt. 

The next day, I had a headache and my mouth felt different. It had hurt for so long, it was hard to remember how it felt before the hurt. Now it was sore, but different. There were empty spots were the hurt used to be.

After a while, it didn’t hurt at all. Weird.

I suspect the vet had something to do with that. And I guess the human gets some credit for taking me there. And for picking a vet who was nice to me.  Okay I will forgive her this time.

Patience and Treats

I do like the vets and not only for the treats.

They are even patient with my human. And I know how difficult that can be! She asks so many questions and takes time to think things over. I just want to get out of there, but she has to think!

Also, I don’t like places with other dogs. I know there are a lot of dogs at the vet’s office. I can smell them. My human takes me when there are not too many, but still I know they were here or might still be here.

The thing is, nobody there yells at me for being afraid and not wanting other dogs near me. They help me keep space between me and the other dogs.  

They love me, I  think.

Be warned, though. Just because they love you and think you are handsome, doesn’t mean they won’t try to trick you.


Once they make up their mind that something is going to happen, like the vet is going to look in my ears, it’s going to happen. One of my favorites even held me so the vet could look in there. She knew I didn’t like it - I told her so when she swabbed my ear.

But she was tricky. One minute she was loving up on me and hugging me and the next minute she had picked me up and put me on the table! She was still hugging me, but I knew I wasn’t going to like what happened next.

She insisted. She held me, not too tight, but I definitely couldn’t slip away. So I gave her a dirty look and huffed at her. She laughed and said, “I see where you get your name.”

Ha-ha. Very funny humans. 


The vet did look in my ears. It didn’t hurt. She just looked. Then she gave my human medicine to put in my ears. I love it. No, I really love it.

My human puts in the medicine and rubs my ear. The itch stops and it feels so good my eyes almost roll back up in my head!  I could lay there forever and let her rub my ears.

I don’t always like the things they do at the vet’s office, but I feel better afterward and there are treats. I guess next time I go I will let them look in my ears without grumping.

But I might still huff.

Looking for a vet? Check out Myrtle Grove Animal Hospital! 

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