eBook vs. Print - A Dog's View

I don’t read. But my human does. A lot.

I understand that humans have big (sometimes loud) opinions on books made of paper versus electronic books.  In case you were wondering -and you should be- this is my canine opinion on the topic.


No, that's not me in the picture, but it is my human.  That's her dog Tala who died a few days after the picture was taken. 

My point is:

See how easy it is for her to pet the dog and read with an eReader?  

My human seems to think that eBooks and paper books are the same. She will say to me, “Come lay down by me and I will pet you while I read.”  But I never know what she really means.

“Read” might mean she is looking at her phone. She keeps fiddling with it. Turning it. Tapping it. Squinting at it. Super annoying. She needs a bigger phone, but she has better things to spend her money on, like dog treats.

I hate when she reads on her phone.

Library Books

Other times she has one of those paper books. Better than the phone, but --

She gets them from the library and they come with a lot of interesting smells. Which I must investigate. So I stick my nose in there.  I can tell you what the last person who read it was eating. I know if they had a dog or a cat. 

She has no idea what I am learning. 

She says things like:

“Are you ready to turn the page?”

“Are you censoring this content?”

I don’t really know what she means, but I do understand the sarcasm in her voice.


The Real Problem with Paper

Paper books distract my human from the most important task she should be performing: petting me!

She is holding the book and turning the pages. She usually snacks, adding her food smells to the book for the next dog to sniff. And she is drinking wine. That is a lot for her to manage all at once. I love her, but she is not ambidextrous or as coordinated as she would like to believe.

I help her out by sharing her snacks so they are gone sooner and stop distracting her. Still there is page turning and wine sipping and she often stops petting me to deal with these less important activities.

Hooray for eBooks!

I like it best when she uses the eReader.

There are no smells to distract me from dozing off into my pre-bedtime nap.

She doesn’t have to coordinate as much.

She can put it on her lap and just tap it once in a while.

She has one hand to snack with, and one had to pet me with , so I snuggle in and let her pet me. I still share her snacks, though. I am always helpful that way.

So if you are wondering what your pets think, I'm guessing they approve your eReading habit.

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