Sneak Attack Bath

My human had that look in her eye: the “you need a bath” look.

“Your fur is oily and dirty” she said. Rude.

But she saved herself by saying I was still handsome. Of course I am, but she needs to remember that.  

I have been trying to teach her that baths are unnecessary with only minimal success so far. But she is getting better and learning a few things.

Bath means Danger!

The worst part of the bath is the water falling on me. It is like rain in the house. That makes no sense. It makes me think of storms. So no, just no. No rain in the house.

Apparently she has been paying attention. I’m not sure how she could have missed my instructions, but you never know with humans. I pace when she is in the shower because, shower.

Rain in the house.

Possibility of indoor thunderstorms!

Small Progress

Other times, instead of a shower, she sits in the bathtub. I tried to teach her this behavior for storm safety but she ignored that.  Instead she fills the tub, which should be a safe haven, with water which makes it not safe.

Then, she sits in there all relaxed and comfortable like she was lying on the couch. I really don’t understand humans.

I want to encourage the good part of her behavior - being in the tub - even if she doesn’t have it perfect yet. Someday she may understand the ‘no water and only during a storm’ part, but that day is not today. Still this is progress because there is no shower. So I lay down next to the tub keep her company.

I wanted her to get the idea that we could be safe from storms together.

Instead, she got the idea that I wanted to sit in a tub full of water!

Sneaky Human

She filled up the tub like always last night but instead of getting in the tub herself, she picked me up and put me in there!

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

At the least shower wasn’t on. She soaped me up. What a waste!  I smelled exactly like a dog should. Now I smell like “soothing oatmeal.” I am not a breakfast cereal! Seriously.

At least this time she rinsed me with a cup which is not as bad as the shower.  But it took a long time and I was losing patience. I tried to get out.  She said I had to “stay” and she said it in her alpha voice, so I stayed.

After she took me out and dried me off,  I immediately took her to the kitchen. She needed to give me treats. That is how the bath thing works. I do it because she makes me, but I get treats afterwards. She gave me 3 treats at first. Not enough. I had to block her way out of the kitchen to help her figure out that math.

Still she did pet me a lot that night. I do like the attention and the goodies. But there has to be a better way to get extra treats! 

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