Huff Disapproves of Baths

Humans are such odd creatures. Especially if you happen to find yourself in the company of an older rescue human as I have. They have many quirks.  You can never be sure where these strange habits come from because you don’t know their history.

I know when she is trying to explain things to me because she gets this earnest look on her face. It can be quite intense. But she fails to offer much in the way of real clues. She makes a lot of sounds which I can tell are an attempt to communicate, but it is exhausting sorting it all out. So I listen for key words I know are important: walk, treat, dinner.

And bath.

Bath is a word I am familiar with. I understand its meaning although I don’t agree with its necessity. My human is obsessed with bathing. She does it every day. Crazy. I have expressed my distress over this habit many times! Every time she turns on the water to be precise.

I whine.

I pace.

I try to herd her away from the bathtub but she pats my head and goes right on with the insanity.

So I pace outside the door.  I guard the perimeter. I am close by if she needs me, but not until she turns the water off.

When she does shut off the water, I go to her rescue. I simply have to reassure myself that she is okay. She drips on me and I shake off dramatically so she can see that this habit is causing problems for both of us.

But the next day, she does it again!

I understand the concept of a bath. She has tricked me into a few baths, closing the bathroom door behind me. She picks me up and puts me in the water. Ugh. There are bubbles and I like the massage part, but then there is rinsing. Lots of rinsing.  She lifts me out of the water and I have to shake off.  I make certain she gets plenty wet. After all this was her idea. She needs to accept the consequences. 

Then we go through a pile of towels drying me off. Which would not be necessary if she didn’t get me wet in the first place! She just won’t learn.

Then she does something even odder!

She takes a bath. As if she didn’t get wet enough bathing me. She gets back in the shower and runs more water.   I can only shake my head. If she wasn’t such a good owner otherwise, I wouldn’t tolerate this. 


At least there are extra treats on bath day.