Storm Safety Huff

Part 3 of 3

My human built a cardboard fort. 

I think she is a bit past the “fort building” stage of life, but who am I to judge?

Okay, I am judging.

She spends an entire afternoon on this project. Then she takes it in the bathroom. Who builds a fort and puts it in the bathroom?

And now she wants me to join her. Really?

I will walk with her and snuggle in front of the television with her. I tolerate the brushing and the ear cleaning, but I don’t want to play “fort” in the bathroom.

She is so odd.

She lures me in with treats. Okay, I will humor her. I go in the fort. She crawls in there with me. It is crowded and hot. She mumbles something about air flow and crawls out. Game over. Thank goodness!  

I think she has come to her senses, but I am wrong about that.  

She works on it some more. She measures and cuts and tapes. She opens up the back. She puts a hole in the top. A skylight she calls it.

And goes through the game again. Lures me in with treats. Crawls inside with me. She says encouraging things but the treats are gone and I have lost interest in this game. Thankfully, she gives it up.

Until that evening when it begins to storm. Now she wants to play fort again. As if a cardboard structure with a hole in the top is better than the garage option I suggested. But she brings treats so I go along.  It is nice to have her close by, so I go to sleep and she spends the night in there with me.

The next day she goes to work. There are more storms and the bathtub once again seems like a good idea.

Okay, I was scared. I don’t make good choices when I am scared, do you?

But now I can’t get to the tub because the stupid cardboard fort is in the way. I try to squeeze past it. No good. I try to pull it out of the way, but she has really wedged it in there. I give up and go to the back bedroom to lay down, hoping the storm won't find me in there.

When she comes home and sees the torn bits where I tried to move the fort, she gives me a disappointed, “Oh, Huff” look.  I respond with my best “What were you thinking?” look.

Did she think I was going accept her cardboard fort as a safe haven in storm? 

She seems frustrated, but still she leaves the fort up. She has to move it every time she wants a bath. I hope if nothing else the hassle of moving the fort will end the silly ritual of daily bathing. But it doesn’t. Stubborn, stubborn human.

She tries a few more times to lure me into the fort during storms but I won't do it anymore, not even for treats.

Finally, she gives up. The fort is dismantled and goes out the door.

I have accepted my fate as a member of this pack.

I don’t even suggest the garage anymore. I stay out of the bathtub. When it storms, I stick by close by my human.

We are in this together, storms and all.


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