Adopting a Senior Human

I got a senior rescue human!

She was living in a garret and didn’t socialize much. She spent far too much time in front of a screen. But I saved her from all that! Okay she still lives in the garret above the garage, but now she isn’t alone: she has me.

I was tired of the crate-life and ready for a change myself, but caring for her is exhausting. 

I have to follow her from room to room to make sure she doesn’t get lost or wander off. I never know what she might be doing if she closes a door behind her, so I pace and I worry. Sheesh, that is hard on an old dog.

Training My Human

She is smart and tries to listen during training, but her attention span could use a little work. She is easily distracted by things like dishes in the sink or books to read or crumbs on the floor. 

She can also be a bit devious. Once she tried to get me to take a pill by hiding it in food!  I thought about humoring her, but you can’t let them get away with too much. So I spit I out to make it clear I was onto her tricks. Then when she asked me to take it and dipped the corner of it in yogurt, I did eat it. I simply had to let her know she couldn’t fool me.

She used to sleep in until nearly 6:30 and I had to put a stop to that.  I make sure she gets up plenty early to get in a walk before it gets too hot outside. I am also making sure she gets more exercise with multiple walks each day. All part of keeping my human happy and healthy.

She doesn’t always understand my commands, but I am patient and she is getting better. Except about chocolate. I don’t know if she is stubborn or just selfish, but she will not share her chocolate. I love chocolate, but all I get from her is “No no. . .bad for dogs. . blah, blah.”  I’m still working on this. So far my you-must-share intense border collie stare has been ineffective.

She has a lot to learn and I understand that, but sometimes I wonder about her former training - or lack thereof. When I arrived, she didn’t even know how to behave during a thunderstorm. She would and still does lays there with a book, all calm and serene. She is totally unaware that the world is coming to an end! Oh, she’ll get up and light a candle. I guess that’s a start - you can’t correct all their bad behaviors at once.

Socializing My Human

She prefers to do her “writing” instead of socializing and we all know that is not healthy. Between you and me, I think she is socially awkward, but I am helping her with that.

She talks to her neighbors now, because of me. She thinks I like to meet new people, but really I am just giving her an excuse to talk to them. I give her ways to connect with the neighbors on our walks. She gets to say things like “Sorry my dog chased your cat,” or “Honestly, he doesn’t normally pee on your flower bed.”  I do what I can to give her these openings for conversation.

The Future

I think things will work out just fine. She is trying to learn and I can tolerate her oddities - like tapping incessantly on the keyboard.  I understand that senior rescue humans need extra love and patience. In the end, I am sure it will be worth it. 

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