Huff on the Holidays

Part 2

If you read last week’s post you know that strange things have been happening inside our house. “Holidays,” my human calls it. I trust her, and honestly I am used to her being a little odd. But now the whole neighborhood is doing it.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I like walking at night. I enjoy the quiet, the soothing darkness. If I need to see something, my human has a light she carries with her and she will shine it on things for me if I sniff at it and pull on the leash.

But now there are lights everywhere! Even on things that should not be lit up. There are lights on houses which is sort of normal, except for the ones that spin and blink. Those ones make me a little dizzy.  

There are lights on things in the middle of the yards. There are lights on trees and bushes, where there should be no lights!

Beyond the lights!

It is not just the lights. In the daytime there are strange creatures on many of the lawns.

Huge men in red suits.

Strange looking white blobby men with pointy noses.

They all seem happy with their big smiles, but they scare me a little. My human calls them “inflatables.” She says the white ones are “snow-people.” That makes no sense. Snow-people are these guys:

In one yard there are deer - in the middle of the day! They just stand there. They don’t move at all Those really confuse me.

We have met deer before on our early morning walks when it is still a little dark. They don’t like to be seen and if we get too close, they run away. They have a scent, so I know they are real.

These daytime lawn deer have no scent and they stay out all day - in the middle of the yard, like they want to be seen! At night, they even light up. What kind of deer is that?

The worst thing about all these strange things in my neighborhood is they change. 

One day a yard is empty and the next day: a red-suited fat guy and a bunch of  blinking deer!

One night there are three happy snow-people and the next morning: a big puddle of fabric on the lawn.

I do not like change!

I do not like change. Change can be trouble. My human says it could be good too, like when we found each other.

Still if there if they are new people in the neighborhood, I should meet them. My human says no. They are not for dogs to meet. I do not think much of that rule.

My human isn’t afraid of them and even she seems to like all the strangeness. (I told you she was odd.)  I follow along since she is my pack.

But I will keep an eye on these strangers. It’s what I do.  For now I will ignore the rudeness of deer who don’t act like deer and snowman who disappear when it gets warm.

I don’t understand it, but if it makes my human happy, I’m happy too.

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