Huff on the Holidays

Part 1

Things are getting really weird in my neighborhood, but it actually started in the house.

My human pulled out a bunch of boxes and started rearranging things. I usually ignore her rearranging. It keeps her busy and I don’t have to entertain her. She does it a lot. She puts things away, takes other things out. As long as my food dish isn’t moved and my sleeping spots are left alone, she can rearrange all she wants.

Sometimes I watch to see what silly thing she is going to do next. Humans can be quite entertaining.  But this time was different. It has been a little disturbing.

She got out a thing that looked like a small tree. It didn’t smell like a tree and it was in the house, where trees are not.  Without a good smell, I don’t have much interest so the tree wasn’t a thing for me. But she fussed over it quite a bit. She hung imaginary snowflakes on it.  Snow - in the house?


She moved on from there to taking little statues of snow people and arranging them in a group on the end table. Odd, but not worrisome yet. Then, she put a candle in the middle of the snow people group. Snow people around a fire! Either she doesn’t know what snow people are or she is very, very disturbed.  

The tree lights up at night, so that is nice. In fact a lot of things are lighting up lately. She is burning candles - even the one by the snow people - and using the fireplace more. I don’t mind the lights, but I hate when it gets too hot. She forgets I am wearing a fur coat. She might be “cozy” but I am too hot. Then I have to get real close to her and pant in her face to remind her she is not the only one who lives here.

One of the weirdest things she did was put clothes on some of the nonliving creatures around the house.

I don’t want to question her mental capacity, but I do depend on her to fill my dish on time, so I get nervous when she is too odd.   The doll is like a mini person, so I wasn’t too worried about that.

But the griffin? I don’t think the silly hat fits with the griffin’s fierce reputation. And I don’t understand the hedgehog or why it is friends with the griffin.

She says the hedgehog reminds her to focus and having a hedgehog concept helps her to organize her life. A hedgehog concept has 3 parts, she says.

I am a herding dog. I don’t need to be reminded to focus; I am always focused.  I don’t need a silly stuffed animal to remind me.  And I even have a  3-part hedgehog concept too: walk, food, nap, repeat.

More holiday weirdness to come . . .

Next week, I tell you about the odd things the neighbors have been doing. This holiday season thing is really confusing for an old dog.

In the meantime, I am going to keep an eye on this guy. I don't think Christmas was ever a thing for him. But he seems happy anyway.  

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