The Feng Shui of Huff

One of the basic principles of  feng shui is to make room in your space (whether home or office) for what you want.   If you want a romantic relationship in your life, you need to add accent pieces in pairs. Your bed, which should be bigger than twin size, must be flanked by matching nightstands with matching lamps to bring in light and equality. You create the environment for what you want and what you want, will appear.


Western brains sometimes fry over this Eastern concept, so let me translate. If your dining room table is covered with clutter, you are unlikely to invite friends over for dinner. If you want more social evenings, you clear the space (tabletop) so your friends can feel comfortable there. Make room in your life for what you want.

In my case, I didn’t even have a table.

For several years I have been living in a home designed for one. Yes, I wanted it that way. But it was time to branch out. It was time to be more sociable. Yes, maybe even bring in that special relationship.

I had a desk that doubled as my dining room table when I needed it. Which wasn’t often.  I was spending more time at my computer writing than I was entertaining. Normally I ate  at the kitchen counter, sitting on my lone bar stool. Table for one, please.

But it was time to grow up.

To invite in others.

To maybe even find that special one to share my life with.

I went in search of a kitchen table.

Way in the back of my favorite consignment store, I found it. It had been there so long that the tag had fallen off and was lying on the floor. Which meant it was deeply discounted. (My frugal heart beat a little faster.) I took it home. Solid oak furniture is heavy. Especially with 19 stairs up to the entry way. But I lugged it up the stairs, cleaned it and voile! A kitchen table.

Though I had searched the shops for a pair of chairs, I came up with nothing. I did find an awesome Laughing Buddha with children.  Not exactly what I was looking for, but I felt the urge and I bought it. It fit perfectly with what happened next.

Now I had a table, but only no chairs. I did have a single chair for my desk. I figured that could double as my kitchen table chair, temporarily. Again, table for one.

I am pretty sure the feng shui gods were shaking their heads. Then they started laughing. Be careful folks, the feng shui gods will bring what you seek into your life, but they have a sense of humor about it.

In the end, I only needed one chair. The love that entered my love doesn’t need a chair. 

I met Huff.

Huff moved in. Not what I was expecting, but perfect, nonetheless.

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