My Favorite Things

Eight Things I Love


1. Ice cubes - a lot of them - in my water. It took my human a while to figure it out, but I was patient.  I would immediately drink the side with ice cubes and ignore the side without ice, until she got it. Now she knows to put ice in both sides of my water dish. For a human, she is pretty smart.

2. Early morning walks with my human when she isn’t in a hurry. I get really tired of hearing about this work thing she keeps going to. As if that should be an excuse to pass by interesting things with giving them a really good sniff.

3. The first shoots of bermuda grass. Tender. Perfect. I don’t even mind having to hunt through the crabgrass and weeds to find them. At my age, that is the only hunting I am likely to do with any success.

4. The arboretum.  There are a lot of kids and I am usually the only dog. Best of all, the grass is soft and the open space gives me a wide view, in case of another dog. My human sits behind me, so I know she has that side covered.

5. Scrambled eggs for breakfast - except for that one day when she put dog food in it. She thinks I don’t eat enough. She worries I am too skinny. I know she means well, but really - dog food in my eggs? Aunt Terry would be appalled.

6. Naps - do I even have to explain?

7. Cheese and cracker snack night. (Hold the crackers - no crunchy foods for me.) She sets out a portion just for me. I know this, because it smells different from her portion. That’s okay. I like my “American” she calls it. She can have her fancy foreign name cheese. It’s all on the same plate, but I know the difference.

So I don’t understand why she freaked out that night when she was dawdling, so I helped myself to a piece of my American cheese from the plate. Really. It was just one piece and she was going to give it to me anyway. She makes no sense sometimes.

8. When my human finally picks a spot to sit down. Preferably one where I can snuggle in and she can reach to pet me. I think she forgets sometimes that she is all I have and I miss her when she is gone. 

She is hard to understand sometimes, but that’s okay. We make a good pack. Even if she put dog food in my eggs.